Three Types of Tasawwuf Deniers

Three Types of Tasawwuf Deniers

Hazrat Imam Yaf'ee Rehmatullah Alaih has quoted Allama Abdul Wahab She'rani Rehmatullah Alaih in Roz-al-Ryaheen:

"The deniers of Karamat (paranormal happening at the hands of a Sufi) are of many types. Firstly, the absolute deniers. Such people blatantly deny the renowned and righteous followers of Islam. The second type of deniers believe in the Karamat of people who have gone by, but refuse to believe in the Aulia Allah of their own times. Such people, according to Abu Al-Hassan Shazli Rehmatullah Alaih, are similar to the Bani Isaril, who believed in Hazrat Moosa Alaih Assalam without even seeing him, but denied Muhammad (ﷺ) just out of envy, enmity and stubbornness. 

The third type of people are those who do acknowledge that Aulia Allah are present in the current times, but fail to testify or acknowledge anyone in particular. Such people also remain deprived of the guidance of Aulia Allah."

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