یک دلی و یک روئی

یک دلی و یک روئی

Singularity of Heart and Unity of Direction

Allah has not created man with 2 hearts in his chest. That Ultimate Being Who has blessed you with life, has also placed a single heart in your breast, so that you should single-heartedly pursue HIS Love. So that other than HIM, you should not have anything to ask from anyone, and you should devote yourself only to HIS worship. It is not wise to divide the single Heart into many pieces and to let all these pieces wander in the pursuit of different purposes:

You are facing toward Qibla of Love; 

but why does your body still engaged in the apparent?

It's better that the Heart should not be ailed by many diseases;

you have just one Heart, so devote it only to Allah


[Hazrat Abdur-Rahman Jami Rehmatullah Alaih - Lawaih]

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