Misconceptions about Tasawwuf

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Tasawwuf is denied under the pretext of different excuses and accusations. The most common among them is that Tasawwuf is ‘Bidah’ (innovation in Deen). The discussion of ‘Bidh’ will come at the appropriate time place and it will be proven whether Tasawwuf is ‘Bidah’, or whether it is Sunnat and the Spirit of Islam. Here, we want to make it clear as a matter of principle, that the deniers of Tasawwuf are not Mujtahid, that there denial should become precedence for someone. Nor are they in any way superior to the righteous Sufis and true Scholars, that their opinion should be respected. Rather, according to Maulana Ahmed Ali Lahori Rehmatullah Alaih, these deniers of Tasawwuf are like thieves, robbers and highway men, who want to take an essential part of Deen away from it. Rather than labeling millions of pious souls right from Imam Hassan Basri Rehmatullah Alaih till present times as ‘Bidah’, it makes more sense to take these deniers of Tasawwuf as BidAti themselves. The reason for their denial lies in their ignorance and lack of knowledge. This is not something new, such people have been doing such things for ages.

Allah SWT says: Rather, they have denied that which they encompass not in knowledge (10:39)

Had these deniers heeded this Word of Allah: “And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge” (17:36)

They had dared not deny Tasawwuf.