History of Silsila Naqshbandia Awaisia

This section covers the recent history of Silsila Naqshbandiah-Awaisiah, the most powerful spiritual order in Islamic Tasawwuf. According to Hazrat Shah Wali-Allah Rehmatullah Alaih, Silsila Awaisiah is like a river that flows on the surface for some time, then gets underground and invisible. In the same way, the Silsila periodically disappears from the world, but continues in Barzakh (the world between this one and the Hereafter). After several hundred years, Allah SWT sends a special personage, the Shaykh of Silsila Awaisiah, who extracts this Silsila from Barzakh and reintroduces it into this world. We are lucky to be alive at a time when Silsila Awaisiah exists in this world.

The different pages in this section deal with the subjects of:

  • The esteemed Chain of Succession, the list of Mashaykh through whose noble personages the Faiz of Awaisia Silsila is transmitted, and received by seekers and sincere Muslims around the world. 
  • The recent history of the Silsila that led to the revival of Silsila Awaisia.
  • The Khulfa Majazeen or successors that Hazrat Maulana Allah Yar Khan had appointed.
  • Who is Shaykh-e-Silsila Naqshbandia Awaisia in present times.